The Art of Expressive Conducting August 27- September 1, 2018 Rome Italy

August 27 – 1 September 2018
Rome (Italy)
Applications deadline: May 11, 2018

The Atlantic Coast Orchestra – non profit association, in collaboration with the prestigious Academia Musicale Clivis di Roma, is proud to announce the 3rd edition of the inspiring and extraordinary International Conducting Masterclass entitled The Art of Expressive Conducting. Settled in one of the most historical districts of the amazing città di Roma, in Italy, The Art of Expressive Conducting offers a fantastic and unique opportunity to 12 conductors from all over the world to train and develop orchestral conducting studies with two of the most inspiring, supportive, experienced and internationally renowned new-generation teachers: Mº Luis Miguel Clemente and Mº Roberto Fiore.

The 2018 Art of Expressive Conducting masterclass will focus on string orchestra repertoire, both standard and “competition” pieces. Maestro Clemente and Fiore will help students to explore, mastering and develop all key elements toward the work with strings.

Conducting sessions will be held with professional and experienced pianists and also with the extraordinary Equilibrium String Orchestra,with some of the finest musicians from Italy’s leading symphony Orchestras.

The masterclass finish with 2 public concerts conducted entirely by Active students, at the magnificent Vatican Basilica Papale di San Paolo fouri le mura

Semi-Active conductors will have the opportunity to assist to all theoretical and practical sessions and each one will have a active conducting lesson with piano with maestro Luis Miguel Clemente.


BARBER | Adagio for strings op. 11 a

TCHAIKOVSKY | Serenade for strings in C major op. 48

ELGAR | Serenade in E minor op. 20

GRIEG | Holberg Suite op. 40

Additional repertoire

BRAHMS  | Symphony no. 3, I mov.

SCHUBERT | Symphony no. 8, Unfinished Symphony D. 759, I mov.


Active Conductors: 825€
Semi-Active Conductors: 200€


May 11, 2018


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